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SOFTCOM is an All Pakistan Software, Multimedia, Quiz and Speed Programming Competition. GIKI held its first SOFTCOM in the year 2000 and since then has been holding this event regularly every year. This major event that is organized by ACM is held at the GIKI campus and the ACM student body is assisted by the GIKI administration to make this event a huge success. his gathering of over 300 intelligent and motivated engineering students has always been the source of giving birth to innovative ideas, immaculate solutions and immense sense of positive competition. In 3 days filled with fun, enjoyment, thrill and competition, students have an experience of life-time that is worth remembering for them.

It is the only Mega-Event of its kind in Pakistan, where undergraduate student from all prestigious engineering institutes of the country gather along with the latest cutting-edge software technology and compete to achieve glory for their respective Institutes as well as themselves. SOFTCOM not only provides Pakistani engineering students with a place to compare themselves with other engineering students of the country, but it also is the element that facilitates the great brains of the country to sit together and discuss solutions towards the emerging technical challenges that we face in the modern era of science and technology.

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Speed Programming - ICPC

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.” This competition provides the students to believe in their programming skills and come up with their extra ordinary energy to compete with the country’s top programmers. A competition is based on the real world problems given on the spot to the participants, where they can come up with new ideas and proposed solutions through their codes. This competition is different from other programming competitions because participants utilize their abilities in solving industrial issues rather than simple logics. Flex your mental and motor skills in trying some of our expertly designed programming puzzles which are both devilishly complicated and challenging for even the most dexterous programmers. Brush up on your syntax if you are willing to accept the challenge of our Speed Programming module.

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If you’re a participant: You need an arena to demonstrate your coding prowess. Most importantly, you want an opportunity to participate in an event that really brings your local developers’ community together: you’ll meet fellow hackers; see what they’re up to and show what you can do.Big companies are beginning to understand that hackathons offer the brand visibility they desire as well as the audience they’re trying to target – and that audience is quite receptive.Hacking begins with project introductions. Participants that bring projects to the event have an opportunity to briefly present over what they are working on at the very start of the event, so that other participants can join that project. At the end of the event, a wrap-up session gives each project a chance to demonstrate some accomplishments.

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Poster Design

Creativity can’t be possessed by studying or by some other resources, it is something you are naturally born with and often this feature captivates you in such a way that it often becomes your reorganization. So this competition is designed to test whether you have lived up to your birth mark?Mixing your novelty with creativity and using the right tools is all that this competition is about.

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Quiz Competition

Quizzes have always been a major source of analyzing ones talent in one’s profession, thus making an inclusion of a mega quiz, a vital part of annual ritual of ACM. Let your intellect shine, let the rolling of brain race with every passing of minute. ACM GIKI is coming up with a distinctive quiz competition for undergraduate students. The competition is going to be based on General Knowledge; the set of questions will be related to the general academic curriculum of computer science, general sciences and engineering students, to make it more practicable for participants.

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Start-up Competition

Startup Competition, the trial by fire opportunity that could turn your dream into reality. It is a startup accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from universities. It aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. The teams would present their business plans to a panel of corporate people and venture investor judges in front of a well-connected audience at GIKI. Teams will compete for titles like best design, best video ads and best overall. We have built an infrastructure and community to support, nurture, and fund early stage startups.

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Mini Tech Fair

Mini Tech Fair creates a forum for school-going children to show their ideas of the uses of IT in the future. Students are required to come up with wild, speculative ideas concerning novel applications of IT in the future, demonstrating their ideas via a chart, physical model or presentation. Winners are selected on the basis of how thoroughly thought out, beneficial, and inventive their ideas are. There are following categories for the competition

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SOFTCOM organized by ACM is held at the GIKI campus and the ACM student body is assisted by the GIKI administration to make this event a huge success. Get yourself registered for the biggest tech event of Pakistan by clicking the button on the right.