Developer's Cell

What is Developer's Cell?
Developers Cell is a contemporary entity initiated under the umbrella of ACM GIKI. It is basically a project-based learning initiative, aspiring to encourage and acquaint the students with latest technologies employed in the industries today, and induce good programming and logical reasoning skills. In addition to these aims, the value of teamwork will be upheld at all levels. From the very beginning, under the mentorship of senior year students, students will form teams and work on projects related to Web Development, Windows App Development, Android Development, Game Development and Linux for System Administration.
It will not only be benefiting the students, by imparting to them the experience of working on a project in a team but, will also be providing exposure to cutting edge technologies being used in the Industry. The Developer’s Cell will cover technologies which include: Windows App Development, Android, ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, Django (Python) along with various front-end technologies, Unity for Game Development and Linux for System Administration.The Developers’ Cell also organizes in-house programming marathons where algorithm making skills of students are tested. Frequent tech talks are organized where faculty members and guest speakers speak on current breakthroughs in the world of Computing.

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