19th Softcom

SOFTCOM is an All Pakistan Software,Multimedia, Quiz and Speed Programming Competition. GIKI held its first SOFTCOM in the year 2000 and since then has been holding this event regularly every year. This major event that is organized by ACM is held at the GIKI campus and the ACM student body is assisted by the GIKI administration to make this event a huge success.Students from all over Pakistan send in their projects to become part of this rather auspicious and propitious event.This gathering of over 300 intelligent and motivated engineering students has always been the source of giving birth to innovative ideas, immaculate solutions and immense sense of positive competition. In 3 days filled with fun, enjoyment, thrill and competition, students have an experience of life-time that is worth remembering for them.The prize money this year is more than Rs 250K. Entries come in from the farthest corners of the country. However, only the best projects are invited to be part of SOFTCOM after careful selection. The participating students take part in 6 categories of activities. It is the only Mega-Event of its kind in Pakistan, where undergraduate student from all prestigious engineering institutes of the country gather along with the latest cutting-edge software technology and compete to achieve glory for their respective Institutes as well as themselves. This event at GIK Institute provides a great platform to all the talented students of Pakistan to show their skills in front of the entire software industry. Due to the exclusive Media coverage by prominent T.V Channels and the presence of renowned multinational and local companies encourage them more and more to put in all their efforts and bring the best they have got to this event. SOFTCOM not only provides Pakistani engineering students with a place to compare themselves with other engineering students of the country, but it also is the element that facilitates the great brains of the country to sit together and discuss solutions towards the emerging technical challenges that we face in the modern era of science and technology.